via Life expectancy gap ‘widest since Great Depression’ – Telegraph.

The other morning on my way up the hill to work, I nearly got run over by a 30 stone woman on a mobility scooter coming down the other way. She was holding on to one handlebar, a large bag of macdonalds under her arm while the other hand was clutching a large macdonalds burger/mcmuffin thing. I don’t want to be cruel or uncharitable but I felt both pity and outrage. Pity, because it was very early on a Saturday morning and I sensed she was wanting to get there and back as quickly as possible, encountering as few people as possible. She likely felt utter shame at her actions and probably didn’t enjoy the bloody ‘food’ anyway. Outrage, because my taxes were supporting this lifestyle and particularly this self-destruction.

Why aren’t we doing more to support these people in a real sense?

The truth of it is, that she will continue to live a miserable existence, be continually reliant on benefits and require ongoing NHS treatment until she finally dies young!


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