As 2010 draws to a close, I wonder what 2011 will bring? Is this the end or the beginning?

Chinese Medicine teaches us to promote a smooth flow in our lives. With each experience, we can ask ourselves: “is it good, or is it bad?” It is neither. As we look back and remember those that we have lost, we must be appreciate all that we have gained from knowing them. Perhaps it’s another way of seeing our glass half-full.

Beginnings and Endings

The Acupuncturist
Told me how Chinese medicine
Connects the Grief emotion
To the intestines
As he treated me
For a painful
Somewhat mysterious malady

Beginnings and Endings
How to say good-bye
Holding the sadness in,
Or as he said once before
Some Deep Holding
Holding in the grieving
For a long time-yes said I
At least 21 years
Since my mother’s death
And also Elsa, and he said
The recent separation
Yes I agreed, and he said

Beginnings and Endings
That’s really all he needed
To say that day
Because with his treatment
I cried and cried
My body shaking, quaking,
Tears filling up my ears
The needles sticking out all over me

Today was a healing feeling experience
Some part of what is trapped inside
Could no longer be repressed, denied,
Had to be expressed, so may
My future life be blessed
With an ability to calmly flow
To let it go-to tell it on the mountain
To tell my story
In all of its intricate
Weavings and blendings
Beginnings and Endings

Lincoln Bergman

Happy New Year!


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