Friday 8th July, 8pm

Colchester Arts Centre

“Well, thank God this is America and we have a choice. And we have chosen China!” Doug Dearth

9000 needles is a documentary about the personal journey of recovery of Devin Dearth, a successful American businessman who suffers a paralysing stroke. His rehabilitation is hindered by the limitations of the American health insurance system, so his family raise the money to take him to Tianjin, China where he embarks on a far from conventional program integrating Western and Traditional Chinese medicine.

The movie was produced by Devin’s brother Doug, a filmaker who initially had qualms about the potentially intrusive nature of filming intimate family moments, especially as they had no idea of what the outcome would be. The screenings of the movie however have enabled the family to fund Devin’s rehabilitation as well as proving motivational to Devin himself.

I am excited to have had the oportunity to arrange a screening of this movie here in the UK. There are many misconceptions about China and Traditional Chinese medicine. What comes across in this movie is the quiet determination and sense of pride from the team of Doctors who treat Devin. After the first day of Acupuncture treatments and medicinal herbal baths, Devin experiences more improvement than in many weeks of treatment in the United States.

This award winning film is a must for anyone interested in alternative methods of healthcare, particulary Chinese medicine and Acupuncture. 9000 needles (or 9,157 to be exact!) is both emotionally harrowing, inspirational and moving as it reminds us of the strength and compassion of the human spirit.

If you’re in the area, come & support this event. Those of us who shout: “there is another way” are often labelled quacks. This film shows that there is another way!

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