I’d like to recommend a book! It’s one I discovered fairly recently after cheekily asking the waitress in a local tea shop if I could have the recipe for the fabulous piece of cake I’d just eaten.

“Red velvet & chocolate heartache” by Harry Eastwood, is a beautifully presented recipe book of delicious cakes. What I like about the recipes is the incorporation of different vegetables which add fibre and nutrients as well as providing structure, moisture and natural sweetness.

While most traditional cake making starts with creaming together butter and sugar, these recipes start with whisking eggs and sugar together until tripled in volume. The remaining ingredients include rice flour, ground almonds and finely grated vegetable, such as carrot, courgette, sweet potato, butternut squash, parsnip or beetroot.

The natural sweetness of the vegetables mean that less sugar is used. Rice flour and ground almonds instead of conventional wheat flour give the cakes a lovely lightness and intensity of flavour. In my opinion, these cakes are nicely digestible, although there’s no getting away from the fact that they are still a high calorie treat. (Even though these recipes for the cake itself is low fat, once you add a dollop of butter icing…..)

Cake has an important role in our lives. It’s social and forms the centrepiece for celebration, whether that’s Christmas, birthday, wedding or simply a celebration of friends and family. My favourite so far has been the mint choc chip cupcakes….lipsmackingly gorgeous!


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