Study Backs Acupuncture For Reducing Dental Anxiety | Dentistry news | Dental News | Cosmetic Dentistry Guide

Study Backs Acupuncture For Reducing Dental Anxiety | Dentistry news | Dental News | Cosmetic Dentistry Guide.

Having a background in Dental hygiene, I welcome little reports like this. Whilst acupuncture and Chinese medicine are a lot more than just a relaxing, feel-good treatment, it’s ability to relieve anxiety are well documented. Many people have a fear of going to the dentist. The problem is, that minor work which can be fixed easily gets put off until complex treatment is required. Many people wait until they’re in pain before visiting the dentist, which frankly is too late!

For patients very nervous of going to the dentist, an acupuncture session prior to treatment might be helpful. My advice would be to start simple. Find a dentist you like, someone who is prepared to talk you through treatment and be kind and patient. Most traditional acupuncturists would be happy to time your acupuncture treatment prior to your appointment with the dentist. We can also leave you with some ear seeds, that can help prolong the feeling of relaxation.

Dentistry has moved on considerably since the days of extracting teeth without anaesthesia and aggressive restorative work. Most Dentists are focussed on providing conservative and preventative treatment which should lead to minimal amounts of work being required.

There are also a number of other uses of acupuncture within the dental field. TMJ dysfunction/pain for example, pain following complex extractions/infections, recurrent mouth ulcers, sensitive gag reflex and trigeminal neuralgia.


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