I love nosing around Sante health shop which is below my treatment room in Trinity st, Colchester. Linda, who owns the shop is very particular about what she sells. Where possible everything is organic and ethically produced. They sell an array of high quality supplements and over the counter remedies (check out the manuka honey throat lozenges). There’s a fantastic selection of hair and beauty products that don’t contain loads of potentially toxic chemicals which I must say make good Christmas gifts.

Maybe I shouldn’t spread this around but there is also a small selection of chocolates, in particular Raw chocolate covered mulberries. Huge OMG!

I was drawn to them because white mulberries  or “Sang Shen” are used in Chinese herbal medicine. You might find them in a herbal formula that treats premature aging or wasting diseases as white mulberries are indicated to tonify blood and yin. Also they moisten the intestines so would be used to treat constipation in the elderly for example.

Mulberries taste like little toffees. When they are covered in raw chocolate then….well…they are GOOD! I’m planning to give these as gifts for my older relatives but mainly I shall be buying them for myself…ha ha.


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