I’ve been away this w/e on a yoga retreat. I’d thought to take lots of photos and write a blog whilst I was there but then I realised that was counter-intuitive. I’d gone on the retreat to take some time out, so I switched off my phone and did exactly that.

The group getting ready for a walk

The Venue

The retreat was held at West Lexham education centre in Norfolk. The centre is in a beautiful location and is custom built for yoga. The centre is a converted farm. Using natural reclaimed materials, the centre blends beautifully and respectfully into it’s surroundings and has a clever, subtle elegance about it.

The Yoga

The company holding the event are called Adventure Yogi. I was so impressed by how the w/e was put together. We started our day with a silent walk in the beautiful surrounding countryside and then settled in for 2 hours of yoga. (Yes 2 hours!) Kirsty, our yoga teacher immediately put us all at ease starting off gently, loosening off all those tight areas and building up to a more intensive practise and ending with restorative relaxation. The focus (as Kirsty explained) was so not much about “how it all looked” but about “how it felt”. We were encouraged to tune in to our bodies and work to what was right for us.

I’d not done any yoga for many years and I was a bit apprehensive as to whether I would be able to keep up. Any issues I had about body image and my self-doubt quickly disappeared and by the end of the w/e, encouraged by Kirsty, I did a head stand! I was so grateful to Kirsty for taking the time to gently nudged me into doing it. Whilst I knew I probably had the physical strength to do it, my ‘head’ was telling me I couldn’t. I felt a bit emotional afterwards and it made me realise  some of the negativity I was holding on to.

We managed to do around 12 hours of yoga in 3 days. It was so beneficial to spend that time just focussing on being in your body and quietening the mind. There was plenty of time to rest during the day and included in the cost of the w/e was a massage treatment which was an absolute luxury. (Big thank you to Michelle!)

The food

The food was fantastic. It was vegetarian based. Lots of delicious beans and veg prepared by Tatu, a talented passionate cook. The food had such flavour and we were not left hungry. Mealtimes were a relaxed social experience. On the last evening, Tatu treated us to a banana chocolate desert which left us all salivating with delight. (We had worked hard).

In summary

If you get the chance to experience something like this then do it! I’ve been on a few things like this over the years, some better than others but I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Adventure Yogi. In one word, the w/e was perfect. I’ve come away with a quieter more focussed mind that I haven’t had for a while. It’s made me think about my work life balance and about incorporating more yoga practise into my daily life. I shall be doing this again..and again. Namaste 🙂



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