Daily view
Daily view in La Gomera, my most recent yoga retreat.

I was chatting to a patient this morning about yoga retreats and it led me to reflect back on the ones I’ve been on.

The first one was way back when I first started studying Chinese medicine. It was a fantastically fun bachorlorette phase of my life. I was keen to make big changes in myself and the direction of my life. I booked a yoga holiday in Thailand. I think I was hoping for an amazing life changing spiritual experience. I expected to return home in a zen state, tanned and toned, looking and feeling fabulous.

The reality was a bit different. The venue was changed at the last minute. There ended up being only 4 of us which made the group dynamics a bit odd. One of the girls had a bit of an emotional break down midway through the week and the journey home was a nightmare. I was jetlagged, covered in bites and caught a really bad cold, probably from the plane. Not quite what I planned.

The second one was local to me. I remember there being a few issues with the booking and there were some very strong characters in the group which led me to withdraw a bit as I was desperate for some quiet time. The yoga classes however were amazing. Truly. I remember driving home and realising how incredibly different I felt. I made a note to myself at the time to remember that feeling. I think that experience led me to make some subtle changes in myself and my life.

The last one I went on just before Christmas, was an amazing location. There were some odd things however and the actual yoga itself didn’t really live up to expectation. But…. I met the most amazing group of people. We’ve stayed in touch, chat regularly and have some get togethers planned.

My reflection is to not make too many judgements on these experiences based on my expectations and perhaps thats how we should treat life. I learnt a lot from these retreats. In some ways they were life changing but perhaps not in the way I’d anticipated. I’d definately do it again and recomend to anyone to try it.


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