mountains of NepalAt the beginning of the year,  I came across this charity walk and thought it would be a ‘nice thing to do’ and raise some money for a charity here in Colchester. Things didn’t go to plan and I was in two minds about going ahead with it.

london2cambridgeWatching the events in Nepal gave me the motivation I needed to dust off my walking boots and get motivated to walk 100k from London to Cambridge on August 29th as part of the London2Cambridge Ultra Challenge. I’m raising money for the Disasters Emergency Committee an umbrella organisation for 13 humanitarian aid agencies who unite their efforts in times of disaster.

I went out yesterday for a quick 10 miler before breakfast (haha) just to see how my legs felt. It’s going to be a toughy there’s no denying it but I’m determined. I’ll be out every Sunday doing a training walk (so if you see me walking funny on a Monday, you know why). Next week will be about 15miles I think but after that I’m going to tackle 20-30 miles each week.

Loosing everything including your home, loved ones and witnessing your country and it’s heritage destroyed is incomprehensible. Each human being on this planet deserves clean water, food, a roof over their head and the right to medical assistance.

Any donation, however big or small is so gratefully received.

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