Burnt out Brits struggle with stress

http://www.acupuncture.org.uk/public-content/public-pr-press-releases/4344-burnt-out-brits-struggle-with-stress.html?utm_medium=web&utm_campaign=news&utm_source=social We will always encounter stressful events in our lives, its unavoidable. Our response is, I suppose, an evolutionary thing, e.g when our ancestors were faced with a woolly mammoth, it was an advantage to have the body flooded with adrenaline, the heart & respiration rate increase to aid a quick getaway and ensure survival. […]

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Is work ruining your life?

A news item this week involved an air steward making a dramatic exit from a plane but also I suspect, his career. The plane had landed but was experiencing delays disembarking. The steward was doing his best to dissuade a passenger from opening the overhead locker, in doing so he took a lot of abuse […]

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