Wednesday 15th August

Absolutely ate our fill at the buffet breakfast. Opted for a shorts and sandals ensemble this morning which is always a bit of a risk but the weather is glorious, couldn’t ask for more, blue sky and a gentle breeze to keep them darned midges away!

You can’t miss the start of the West Highland way
Karen Jeffery and Nick Barlow at the official start of the West Highland way

M & S food hall open early so got stocked up on goodies.

Asked to sign the visitors book as we got to the start (cynical of me but I think it’s a marketing ploy) few photos and off we trotted!

The path through Mugdock wood

Easy walking. As we began the first couple of miles through Mugdock wood, the sounds of Milngavie town gradually faded and were replaced by the tranquil sounds of running water and a gentle breeze through the trees.

Before 10am we were gazing down on Craigallan loch which prompted our first tea stop and meant we were already a quarter of our way through our first day.

Craigallan Loch

We passed a few residential houses, one of which had left some flasks of tea and some scones out for West Highland way walkers, shame we’d just had our cuppa. We also passed a wellie tree .

A Wellie tree?

A few miles on after a short stretch on the road, we were rewarded with views of Dumgoyne. Sun quite warm but a good wind blowing, which was just as well really considering the bran flakes and fruit salad I had for breakfast. In such good spirits and sang a few daft songs…as you do.

View of Dumgoyne as you leave the road

Dumgoyne village is a good halfway point. There’s a pub, The Beech tree Inn that allows walkers to eat their sandwiches in their outdoor picnic area as long as you purchase a drink from the bar. It’s a good place to stop to be honest as there aren’t many places along the way to sit and eat.

Who said it always rains in Scotland

The rest of the first days walking is fairly bland actually but a really good way to ease in gently. Trainers or walking sandles are fine and probably a good idea if the weather is as warm as today. Any keen runners would probably enjoy a nice jog along this section.

As we approached Drymen, we turned off into the village which has at least 3 pubs, a post office, a Spar and a lovely butchers which also sells fruit and veg. We opted for The Pottery cafe for a nice cup of tea and a pint of Cider for Nick and bided our time till we were allowed to check in to our b&b.

Worth the wait and worth the trek out of the village to stay at Bramblewood b&b. Lovely room, really peaceful. Had a wonderful hot shower, gave our legs a bit of a stretch and snuggled down to watch a bit of tele before going back to the Pottery cafe for a nice evening meal. Rain coming in now but forecast looks good for tomorrow.

>>>>>>>>Day 2>>>>>>>>


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