Day 3 Rowardennan to Inveranan (15 miles)

Friday 17th August

Food last night was a bit poor up at the hotel but then I ordered the pasta. Think I would have been better off with pie and chips. We both had a restless night for some reason. Fiona and Neil at Cholie Mor cooked us the most fantastic breakfast. We had to fight them off to stop feeding us more tea and toast.

Very limited view of Loch Lomond

Weather forecast….RAIN!!! The path is pretty samey alongside the Loch. The weather is so bad that I feel we’ve been denied views of the Loch. When we try to stop for elevensees we’re attacked by swarms of hungry midges.

Sense of humour….Zero!

But not for long. Soon we reach waterfalls and Inversnaid Hotel. They’re used to walkers, even very wet ones. There’s refreshments on offer. We devour a Yorkie bar. Humour restored. We see a few familiar faces and gain solace from the fact that we’re all as soaked as each other.


It’s going to brighten up later….I hope. Time to press on.

The route from the hotel onwards is a bit tricky. We joined the procession of soggy people clambering over rocks and tree roots. There are plenty of rivers and streams to navigate. With the heavy rain some took a bit of thought. Everything wet including my pants and I think I have trenchfoot setting in.

Then a miracle happened. The sun came out and the path got easier. Once out of the trees, the path undulates over little mounds. There are some ladder style stiles which are surprisingly hard on the legs. One was literally a ladder. I’m not keen on heights and I’ve got a little phobia about bridges. Wish I’d taken a photo of this one particular one but I was so freaked out, I just went over it as quickly as I could and kept walking.


Eventually, we reached Beinglas farm and campsite. Any ideas of healthy eating have gone completely out of the window. We purchased pringles and chocolate digestives and sat on the porch of our superb little wooden abode. There’s the sound of bagpipes coming from somewhere. This place is stunning!

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