Saturday 18th August…..Nick’s 40th birthday!!!

Celebrating in style, porridge for breakfast.

The midges are out in force today. I’m starting to look like I’ve got chicken pox. There are people walking round the campsite wearing what looks like bee keeping gear. Itchy!

The route looks relatively easy again but it’s wet. We’ve been desperately trying to get everything dry for today. Luckily there are tumble dryers here at the campsite and the fantastic staff are happy to put boots etc in the boiler room.

Mornings walking is easy going. It takes us 2½ hours to complete the first 6 miles and that’s with a couple of munchie stops (including more pineapple chunks, I’m addicted). We quickly reach what is roughly the halfway point of todays walk and roughly halfway of the whole walk.

Turn left for Tyndrum, turn right for the pub

Feel a bit sad as the week’s going a bit quick. Turn right here and you get to Crianlarich for a good pub lunch. Turn left towards Tyndrum. We know tomorrows a long day and we’d like to get to Tyndrum fairly early so we can get a good rest before the big day.

Short climb towards the forest and there’s a perfectly placed picnic table. Another elevensees.

11am Pic Nick

The path through the forest is really pleasant. It was almost custom made so to speak as the plantation was developed at the same time so it’s a bit wider than most forest paths and has grassy verges on both sides.

The path eventually comes out of the hills & begins it’s way into Tyndum. Thoughts turn to “what shall we have for tea?”

We make good time today. We’re at our b&b & out the shower shortly after 3pm. Quite like the sound of the Green wellie store and the real food cafe.

The Green wellie store has everything you need. There’s an outdoor shop where Nick purchased a pair of posh Bawbag pants to prevent any further chaffing in his nether regions. There’s a mini supermarket and gift shop too.

‘The real food cafe’ somehow conjured up an image of a posh organic superfood salad type place. I was looking forward to a special birthday meal. When we went in, I was a bit shocked. It was a fish and chip shop with a bit extra. And then I got it.

Tyndrum isn’t a place where people come to stay for a week. Tyndrum is a place where people descend down from the hills sweaty & muddy, & want a good honest cheap scoff. They ate just passing through. Fantastic fish n chips & lovely venison burger & chips. The staff were really lovely and really cared. The food was served on mainly paper recyclable plates, ingredients were locally sourced. The food was hot and quick. We went back later and bought some of their lovely homemade cake to take away…marvelous.

So tomorrow is the big one! 19 miles to Kingshouse across Ranoch moor. Weather could be fairly hot so checking we have some sun lotion. Early start.

>>>>>>>>Day 5>>>>>>>>


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