Day 5 Tyndrum to Kingshouse (19 miles)

Sunday 19th August

We got going reasonably early today, aware that it could be a long day. The weather was already warm and we got prepared with sun lotion and extra water and munchies from the green wellie store which opens at 7am, even on a Sunday.

The route leaves Tyndrum just past the wellie store and climbs up the side of the valley. It was quiet in the early morning and there are some impressive peaks in the distance wreathed in cloud.


The route follows the river and the train line through the valley until you get to bridge of Orchy station which has been converted to a bunkhouse. We sat in the sun and had a quick break.

Stopped for a quick tea break at the Bridge of Orchy station

As you come past the station, you get to the main road with the bridge of orchy hotel to the left. (I’m told they don’t like walkers). Taking our life in our hands we crossed the road which has some fast moving traffic.

Then the path starts to climb through a wooded area. Up and up until you reach a cairn then down to Inveroran hotel which is ideal for a pit stop. We had our lunch with us and decided to forgoe the comforts of a civilised establishment in favour of a suitable grassey knoll.

Stumming views as we crossed Victoria bridge shortly after Inveroran Hotel

Pictured above is the view from Victoria bridge. Weather was stunning & we were a right pair of sweaty bettys. Finally we found our knoll. Looking around we couldn’t a trace of civilisation which was wonderful and we greedily ate our mini pork pies and shortbread and guzzled loads of water.

Our view of Ranoch moor as we ate our lunch

Ranoch moor is beautifully desolate. The path is very easy to follow if not a bit hard on the feet. We made really good time but felt pretty tired by the time we could see the road. At last we arrived. Kingshouse hotel & nowt much else around for miles.

A welcomed site, the Kingshouse hotel

Feet achy, lovely room, bath in bathroom which I dare not get in as I’m pretty sure I won’t be able to get out of without assistance. 19miles in 7½ hours….not bad.

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